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Engaging Content for Early Learning Centres

Little Star Content specialises in early learning content that connects, communicates and engages with parents.


Using carefully selected words, your content will resonate with parents to ensure your centre stands out when they're searching for childcare.

Start with unique

From a young age, stories have taught, captivated and inspired us. And, even as adults, we can't get enough. It's how we're wired, and stories are a great way to engage with both children and their parents.


Little Star Content can write unique stories for your centre, from children learning about their first day, to educating them about hygiene, sharing, playground and classroom behaviour.


Each story is written for your centre and is based on your routines, your staff, your rooms, and your play areas. There'll be no other stories like them - in the world!

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Decorating easter Eggs

Web words that win

An attractive website is essential for your childcare centre and is often the first point of contact for parents.

But, while an attractive website is important, your words need to speak to the hearts of parents and draw them in. And with so many early learning websites saying the same things, yours needs to be the one that stands out.

Using carefully selected words, Little Star Content can capture the spirit of your centre so that the nurturing environment you've built will leap off the page.

Be the centre

Most parents leave their children in your care for more waking hours than anywhere else. And it's not something that's taken lightly.


Because of this, your centre is the centre of their worlds and parents look to your educators for advice and direction at this stage of their children's lives.


So, help them understand their child's development by creating blog posts that delight and inform. And you'll never run out of subject matter with all the children in your care.

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