I’m Alan Taylor, founder of Little Star Content. I love to write for childcare centres such as yours because the words you use across your website and social media are key to showing your professionalism and care in your community.


I can help with:


  • Website copy

  • Unique stories

  • Blogs

  • Editing


So, that’s the short About version. Read on if you’d like to know more.

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I started the business after helping a fellow copywriter create a book for a childcare group. Written as a read-aloud book for parents, it helped ease their child's transition into care.


In rhyme, it introduced the staff, routines, meals, and games to familiarise children with the new experience. And, better still, they offered it as a free resource!


It amazed me that a centre would spend the time and money to produce a wonderful gift to families, because it spoke volumes about the centre that thought so highly of their children.


So yes, Little Star Content was born from that experience, for you and your centre. And its one goal is to let everyone know the best childcare centre around is - yours.

If you want to:

  • Stand out and increase enrolments

  • Be valued as specialists in education

  • Strengthen relationships with parents

  • Spend less time marketing your centre